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Capture the allure of nipart®... an experience of mind and body, culminating in a print of your personal choice. You are invited to use your nipple as an intriguing new form of art expression.

Do it by yourself.  Imagine the surprise on a loved one's face when you give a gift of celebrating your body!  Allow a friend or lover to display your artistic work in public or private discreetly. (Who would know?) Or keep the framed 4”X6” nip print for yourself as a reminder of your own freedom.

Do it together.  Take a few minutes to unwind and draw your significant other close.  Laugh together as you open the nipkit and splash a few drops of water into the paint.  Have the other apply it to your nipple and play together getting the right consistency or shade for the final print. 

 Have a good time!  nipart® is an alluring way to re-orient yourselves to what really matters - your relationship!  Slip your new print in the frame, put it somewhere it can be seen, and smile when you look at it, or imagine your lover smiling at it.

Share nipart ® with friends.  Think about turning your bachelorette party into one to remember with the most unique game in town.  Or make a hit by being the first to give a nipkit - the perfect gift idea for showers and birthdays and for that person who has “everything”.  nipart ® is fun, distinctive, and definitely one of a kind.

SunflowerI came up with the idea for nipart ® one afternoon boating with friends in Sarasota Bay.  It was truly an aha! moment when I sat up and saw my imprint on the deck:  a nip print!  During that revelation I instantly envisioned nip prints across the country, and everyone becoming reacquainted with the nipple.  Although nipart ® itself took a while to materialize, the concept of entrepreneurship was always with me.  With the support of my boyfriend, daughter and select others, my visualization became a possibility.  And let me tell you, being laid off from your job becomes an incredible opportunity to get you moving in a new direction!  From planning with my patent attorney, commissioning the nipart ® images with two talented artists, designing and testing the nipkit, to working with a phenomenal web designer, it has been quite a journey.


I want to inspire other women:  don't fear change, revel in it.  If I can do it, single female, early fifties, you can do it!  I like the wired feeling now as I face the challenges of nipart ® ahead, and I love this direct involvement in my own future!

My hope is that you will have as much fun expressing yourself using nipart ® as I have in creating it...and stay sexy!


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